Guinea fowl galantine with dates; beetroot, carrot, and fennel lukewarm mixed pickles

Small fish soup with steamed scorpion fish fillet completed with final crisp; Brussels cabbage sautéed with peanuts

Crispy poached egg, horse radish mayonnaise, puntarelle salad, bread and anchovy cream, and licorice drops

Spaghetti “alla chitarra” with seafood, bread crumbs and muggine bottarga

Veal loin cooked in the pan with pepper, snow peas, turnips and white potatoes

Roasted loin lamb with aspargus tops and lard; chickpeas pudding

Honey from the beehive: golden apple, molasses and candied lemon

7 dishes € 225,00 per person wine not included

This menu is intended for all the guests at the same table

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