Homage to the Italian cuisine through ingredients, technique and taste

Fine oyster in pigeon broth, citrus and radishes

Sea scallops a la plancha with mussel and veal nerves marinated in red wine vinegar

Ravioli with chard -roasted, not boiled- caviar and smoked herring milk

Juice of  hen cooked in a pan, egg yolk marinated in mustard covered with a layer of cocoa paste

Veal rib steak with spices and braised artichoke

Charcoal duck breast, chopped apricot and cream of caramelized garlic

Gorgonzola puff pastry and pumpkin seeds

Lemon, coconut and mango flavoured with basil

€275,00  per person, wine not included


This menu is intended for all the guests at the same table

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