Starters and first courses


Poached egg glazed in chicken mayonnaise, salad of asparagus and anchovies “al verde”

65 €

Steamed scampi scented with citrus; tomato and beetroot soup, burrata shellfish sauce and caviar

125 €

Chopped raw beef, sweet and sour eel, sea urchins, celery and almond cream

80 €

Amberjack slightly smoked and then marinated; Tuscan pesto spheres and aubergines with thyme




Spaghetti alla chitarra with seafood, bread crumbs and grey mullet botargo

95 €

“Linguine” pasta whipped with rocket salad butter, braised sardines and crispy pork

80 €

Risotto with roasted pepper juice, marrow à la plancha and fried capers

85 €

Ravioli filled with stewed capon, its giblets like a “cibreo” and salty ricotta

75 €

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