Starters and first courses


The king crab: the jelly with smoked vinegar, the salad with stracciatella, the crumpet with spring onion

95 €

Tepid lobster salad, endive with marjoram leaves, ginger and coral sauce


Half-cooked amberjack with “bagna cauda” vegetables, hazelnut cream and spicy tomato sauce


Light beef tartare, sweet and sour eel, sea urchins, celery and almond cream




Spaghetti “alla chitarra” with seafood, bread crumbs and grey mullet bottarga

80 €

Maccheroni with garlic, extravirgin olive oil and chilly pepper, with prawns and Castelluccio lentils in cream

80 €

Risotto with pumpkin, calf’s head cubes marinated with vinegar, pumpkin-seeds and toasted barley

70 €

Ravioli filled with stewed capon, it’s giblets like a “cibreo” and salty ricotta

60 €

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