A well-stocked treasure chest


The wine cellar is a chest overflowing with treasures discovered, collected and conserved by sommelier Giorghio Pinchiorri, over a 50-year course of research and passion. A wine cellar which Giorgio’s teacher, Luigi Veronelli, described as “immense, legendary, inimitable.”


Giorgio Pinchiorri

Vision and obstinacy. These are the words which best describe a man who, in the 1970s, decided to uncork fine bottles for sale by the glass.

Only prime numbers

The Wine-List
A first encounter with our wines begins with the List. Compared to the Bible for its thickness, the List is impressive not only for its sheer massiveness, but for the variety of labels and noble vintages listed therein. The Wine-List proposes a series of tastings that are unique for their variety and prestige.
The List of Distilled Spirits
Proposes rare and important labels of Bas Armagnac, Cognac, Whisky and Rum, as well as a prestigious selection of wine-distillates and small-batch grappas, which can be savored with fine cigars, available in the Fumoir.
Closer to the heart
(of the earth, but not only)

A visit to the wine-cellar is a chance to deepen the experience begun at table. The tour wends its way through narrow corridors, while the sommeliers relate anecdotes, and offer a glimpse into the gnomic work that goes into the selection and cataloguing that precedes a wine-tasting.

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